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    Welcome to my website, I am Corey Butler the Driver and Owner of the #84 Sav-on Transmissions Factory Stock Chevy Camaro.  I run in the SCRA Factory Stock division, we run at USA Raceway in Tucson AZ as well as at Prescott Valley Raceway in Prescott Valley Az.  The schedule can be found at www.azscra.org.  I will also when be running at Canyon Speedway Park when I am nto running with the SCRA.  Canyons website is www.canyonspeedwaypark.com

26 Mar 2010

Well the 2009 season did not go as planned, we only made one race in 2010 and that was the last race at Manzanita Speedway.  And sadly it was not in my regular car so the results were not as I expected.  So with that said back in November of 09 I started preparing for the 2010 season.  On March 13th 2010 we had our season opener at Canyon Speedway park, I arrived at the track pumped up and ready to race.  The car looked and sounded awesome and it seemed as it was going to be a great night.  Hot laps went off without a hitch and I really just took it easy as it had been over a year since I had been in a dirt car(although I had done some racing in North Carolina in a legends car owned by Hurricane Racing)  With that said I was due to start second row inside in the 4th Heat race for the night.  Not really where I wanted to start, I kind of prefer the outside, but oh well luck of the draw.   So I pulled out for the heat race and the car seemed to be running well, I was sitting I believe in 3rd, when someone decided they were going to take it 3-wide going into turn 3, while doing that they slammed me and the 2nd place car.  After all that I ended up 4th in the heat securing the 4th and final transfer spot, thus letting me transfer right to the A-main.  So after the heat we surveyed the damage of the 3-wide hit and it was mostly cosmetic, except for a gashed tire that seemed suspect so we changed it.  With a few more small changes we had the car ready for the main.  We went with small changes cause suprisingly the track was holding water really well and it seemed like it would stay tacky all night.  So the time came to line up for the main and I was ready, I was starting 16th outside, but I knew I had the motor and the car to finish way better than where I was starting.  So we did our parade laps and we were headed for the green.  Just as I came under the flag stand I saw someone spin high going into turn one, so my instinct was to go low and hope to miss it.  Sadly everyone else had the same idea and it ended badly for several of us.  As soon as I shot low and got on the brakes I was piling into the back of another car and the hood was up in my wind screen.  After getting everything shut off and climbing out of the car is was obvious that my night was done.  The front core support was almost ripped clean off the car, the radiator sheared the pulley off the front of the water pumped and the sub-frame was in a way different position than when we started the night.  But most importantly I was fine, well a little sore for a few days, but no worse for wear!  So obviously it has been almost 2 weeks since we wrecked the car and slowly I am getting it to where I can change out the front sub-frame.  I hope to be racing with the SCRA at USA Raceway on the 3rd of April, but if we do not make that race I will for sure make it on the 17th of April at USA Raceway.  For a schedule of the SCRA races it can be found at www.azscra.org.  For Canyon Speedway Park the website is www.canyonspeedwaypark.com.  I will be racing at Canyon more this season, I am just not sure of the exact dates as the races with the SCRA are my first priority.  You can also find Butler Motorsports on facebook under the Butler Motorsports fan page  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=photos&id=1240598131#!/pages/Phoenix-AZ/Butler-Motorsports/196832756989?ref=ts

1 March 2009

Finally the 2009 Race season is upon us, inspection was yesterday for the SCRA Factory Stocks, and sadly my car was not there. Although I will be ready for the opening night on the 13th of March at Manzanita Speedway without a doubt.  I am looking forward to a new season of racing and hoping to run well this year.  I am still diligently looking for sponsors, so if anyone wants to get their name out there, there is no better medium for advertising than racing.

16 August 2008

Well for anyone that has been under rock, no just kidding.  Really just wanted to put an update on here for anyone who checks my website.  As most everyone knows I am currently deployed to afghanistan on a year long tour and will be back in December of this year.  So needless to say racing is on hold till I get back and I have had to sit out this season, but it is cool, cause I will be back in 2009 ready to get r done!  In the mean time I have to send out a very big thanks to Larry Upton, the SCRA and Manzanita Speedway for the awsome presentation they gave me while I was home on leave.  If you would like to check out the slide show from it you can see it at www.azscra.com   So with that I will put the close on this update and I will see everyone in 09.  By the way I am looking for Marketing partners for the 09 season and beyond, so if you are a business or know of a business email me or get at me on myspace under the name thebut31.

30 August 07

Well I finally got my transmission, I picked it up yesterday from Ernie at Sav-on Transmission at 43rd Ave just south of Indian School.  And let me tell you first and foremost, if you need transmission work done Ernie at Sav-on is the man!  With that said in the next week or so I am going to get it put back in and all buttoned up.  If all goes well I will be back racing sometime before the end of September.  I do have to say though I could not have gotten it put back together with out the financial help of my father and my girlfriend, thanks to both of you!  Well I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend, be safe!  I will be setting up an Ebay account here real soon to solicit donations to help offset my racing costs, if anyone would like to donate or knows someone who would, I will be posting the link on here as soon as I get it set up.  I know it may be a lame idea, but some guy needed to get back from Europe and he was broke, so he did it and some lady just up and paid for him to fly home, so you never know.  Take care everyone and keep the wheels road side down!


3 July 07

Well here I sit still not racing, unfortunately some things have come up in the past couple months with my job, and without going into details it was in my best interest to take a little time away from racing.  I am still trying to get my car back together and vigorously searching for a sponsor.  I am on my summer vacation for the next 2 weeks and I will be going around to check with a few businesses that I already buy from and support and see if maybe they might be interested in becoming a marketing partner.  But in the mean time I want to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July, it is truly the best holiday all year, and my personal favorite day of the year, I am damn proud to be an American!  I hope to be out at the very latest by the anniversary race at Manzi.  Well everyone take care and keep checking back for updates, I promise I will not wait well over two months between updates from now on.  Also make sure you stop by the Cardinal Stadium to check out the Men's Luxury Toy Expo 13, 14, 15 July, the SCRA will have a show car out there and you may very well see me sitting at the booth a day or two during the weekend.  And lastly make sure you stop by the Hellion Industries store Grand opening on the 21st of this month starting at 8AM at Glendale and 56 AVE, they make awesome clothes and I own several of their shirts myself.

7 May 07
This past Saturday I got the transmission out of the car and found why it had no reverse, the case is cracked from side to side.  I have not only found another case that I will pick up tomorrow, but I have also found another whole transmission that I will get on the 25th of this month.  Unfortunately we will not be back racing this Friday, but I should be back out at Manzi no later than the 18th of this month baring anymore problems.  I still need to order some parts, and I am in dire need of some sponsor help.  If anyone is wondering what cracked the transmission it was a broken transmission mount, so I am going to order one made specifically for racing and see if that stands up tot he abuse better.  I am probably going to take one hell of a hit in the points, but I am trying here and without any financial support at all, this is the best I can do at the moment.  Well everyone take care and we hope to see everyone back out there on the 18th at Manzi.

Well everyone, I have gotten the car off the trailer finally, and have the ball joint and upper a-arm pretty much changed out.  Unfortunately the transmission has quite a leak and will not go into reverse, so I have got to pull that out and get it down to Ernie at Sav-On Transmission so I can get it back up and running.  I hope to be back out at Manzanita on the 4th of May, and if money will allow I will be there.  I am feverishly searching for some sponsor help, but I am not having much success, so if any body who lives in Phoenix knows of a company looking for a great marketing partner send them my way.  Well that is all for now, just a quick update during the off time, it is NASCAR weekend coming up, so there may not be much more work on the car this week, but I have posted some pics of what happened to the front end of the car.
Take Care


What a night, one week I feel like a hero and run damn good, and this week I feel like a zero and end up with a wrecked race car, what a roller coaster of emotions racing is I tell ya.   Well this week I had call up a few friends to find some pit help as my regular help Tarn has had a shift change not by his choice, and it falls during my racing time.  Fortunately I have some good friends and my buddy Vaughn Stoner came out to help out, being a racer himself he is always willing to lend a hand in the pits.  So we got to the track, drew a 31, got the inside row of row 3 I think in the 2nd heat race, not really a good starting spot, but what can you do.  I got the car set up in hot laps and was ready to go for the heat race.  The heat race seemed as it was going to be un-eventful, although the car seemed to be fading and I could smell either rear end grease or trans fluid.  And the final lap, final turn came, and we got taken out.  I won't go as far as to say on here who exactly it was, but plain and simple we got taken out, coming through 3 and 4 to take the checkers, the fella loosened me up, then slammed me right in the left front.  I made it around to the checkers and back to the pits, to find that the hit had pretty much bent the upper a-arm into a total mess as well as the upper ball joint.  We figured hell with it, we can run it like it is, and after talking with the SCRA Factory Stock director and expressing my utmost displeasure(to say the least I was pissed beyond words) for what had happened, I readied myself for the b-main.  They called for us to go to staging and mysteriously the left rear tire went flat, then the trans would not go in reverse.  So I shut it down and climbed out to find a huge puddle of trans fluid underneath the car.  So that was the end of our Friday night of racing.  I have yet to pull the car off the trailer and fix it, not to mention that my neck is wicked sore form the hit I took, but regardless we will be back racing at Manzanita Speedway on the 4th of May.  Unfortunately this little mess cost me three spots in the points.  The season is early yet though and I think I can still obtain my 2007 goal of getting a top ten in points for the season. 

Manzanita Speedway 31 March 2007

Wow, well our second night of racing is in the books, and man what a fun night it was!  I got to the track unloaded, pill drew a 47 or 40 something can't really remember.  That had me starting 3rd row inside for the second heat, so we went out to hot lap and this time I took it easy and left my spin out title in the past.  With hot laps over I opted not to touch anything on the car and just run the heat.  So the heat came around and I ran somewhat alright, but not good enough to get the transfer to the main.  Unfortunately I just could not catch the guys in front of me in the heat in enough time, I tried like hell but it just wasn't happening.  So that put us in the B-main once again, but this time I was ready, I opted again not to touch the car and rely on the same set-up from the heat, and boy was that an excellent choice.  They had me starting on the outside pole (first row outside for the non-racers).  So we rolled out for the B-main and right at the start I went to racing the 92 car who started on the pole and that would be the story for the entire B-main, we ran damn near side by side for the entire race, I think it was 15 laps but I was way too busy to be counting laps.  I led a few times and he led a few times, but at the end he got me at the line.   So with that race over that put us in our first main event ever in a factory stock at Manzanita Speedway.  We lined up on the outside second row from the back, that put us starting 18th on a very rough and dry track.  The main event for me was pretty much un-eventful I raced a few cars here and there, I was never able to get up to the front and challenge for a top 5, but I was able to bring it home in one piece and finish up in 13th out of 20 cars.  I had an absolutely great night and it could not have happened without my crew chief Tarn Sanger who comes out to help me with whatever I need each and every week.  Between Tarn telling me to clear my head and the notes I taped to my dash, it combined for a very fun and successful night.   I also have to thank the driver of the 92 car for driving me clean in the B-main as well as the A-main, he could have chose to take me out at any point but he drove me like I drove him.  We have one more race next Friday before we are off for a month, and if things keep going the way they are I truly believe we can be in the top 5 by the end of the season.  Thanks to all the fans that come out every week as the show would not happen without you.  Also thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Hillary who puts up with my late Friday nights of racing and the long hours of getting the car ready each and every week, thank you baby I love you!  Well I will sign off for this week and I will look forward to next week.

Manzanita Speedway 16 March 2007

Well our first race is in the books, and although the outcome was not the best that could have been it was a fun night.   The night started out with packing the track and hot laps.  And hot laps truly reminded me that I had not only been away from Manzi for way too long, but I had been out of a race car for way too long as well.   For some reason on the first lap of hot laps I decided to blaze the car into turn 1 without ever lifting, not sure why, but my excuse is I lost my ever loving mind and that is what I am sticking to.  Well on lap two I did the same thing, so after setting the 5 lap spin out record for hot laps, I called it quits and pulled in.   At some point in hot laps I also managed to hit someone and bash the bumper in, so I had to rush to get that beat back out before the heat race.  I drew a 25 in the pill draw and that had me lining up 3rd row inside for the  1st heat, damn I hate lining up on the inside!   So we got called to line up on the front stretch for the first heat and I truly thought I was ready to go, boy was I way wrong!  So to make a short heat race even shorter, I once again managed to set the spin out record and ended up finishing 7th out of 8 cars.  So I pulled in, the wrong way no less, thanks for letting me know Mike, lol.  Well at this point I truly thought about calling it a night and finding a different hobby, cause obviously I had lost what little racing ability I had.  So I talked to Tarn my crew chief and he broke it down for me.  His advice was to clear my head and just stop thinking about racing and race the damn car, prob not his exact words, but this is a family site!  So I checked the line up and I was starting 4th row inside for the Semi main, just behind to the inside of my friend Rhett.  So I talked to him and got ready to go out, damn I hate starting on the inside!   So we rolled out for the semi, and I did what Tarn had said, I cleared my head and went racing.  And oh boy did I go racing, I raced like I had never raced before.  I did everything I could for every lap of the semi, I think it was like 8-10 laps, seemed like a long time as it was flag to flag no cautions.  But to no avail after trying inside, outside, high, low, and anywhere on the track I could not get passed Rhett.   We ran side by side for several laps and he just got me by like an inch at the checkers.  So we ended up where we started finishing 7th, but with not one spin out and some of the best driving I have ever done.  After pulling in and gathering my thoughts I diagnosed that not only did we have zero forward bite up off the corner (I was spinning the tires up off the corner for all you non racers) and the battery slowly running out of juice were the reasons I just could not get passed Rhett or anyone else for that matter.  Unfortunately only the top 5 cars made it from the semi to the main so that put us on the trailer for the rest of the night.  Regardless though, I had a great time filled with the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.  I will be racing again at Manzi on the 30th, the onto Canyon on the 31st, come on out I hope to see you all there.

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